Marmaton Watershed
What is in the Marmaton Watershed?
The following towns are in the Marmaton Watershed: Bronson, Fort Scott, Redfield, Uniontown, Moran, Mulberry, Arcadia, Elsmore, Hiattville, Arma, Hepler, Farlington, and Devon.  The map below shows the location of the towns within the watershed.
towns in the Marmaton
The maps below show the creeks and lakes within the Marmaton Watershed. Some of the creeks in the Marmaton include: Drywood Creek, Bone Creek, Mill Creek, Elm Creek, and Walnut Creek.  Some of the lakes within the Marmaton include: Cedar Creek Lake, Ft. Scott Lake, Bone Creek Lake, and Lake Crawford.
creeks in the Marmaton
lakes in the Marmaton
Creeks and Lakes
Watershed Districts
watershed districts
There are two incorporated watershed districts within the Marmaton Watershed: Mill Creek Watershed District No. 98 and Marmaton Joint Watershed District No. 102.  The Mill Creek Watershed District was incorporated in 1975, while the Marmaton Joint Watershed District was incorporated in 1984.  The map below shows the Marmaton WRAPS Watershed boundary with the Marmaton and Mill Creek Watershed District boundaries.
Marmaton Joint Watershed District
Mill Creek Watershed District
The Marmaton Joint Watershed District represents 208,000 acres of the WRAPS Marmaton Watershed, while the Mill Creek Watershed District represents 39,110 acres.  Bone Creek, in the southern portion of the watershed, represents 8,000 acres of the WRAPS Marmaton Watershed.  Therefore, there are approximately 100,000 acres of the Marmaton Watershed that have no formalized seat of authority that WRAPS will represent, with the Marmaton Joint Watershed District having the legal functionality for WRAPS (since the Marmaton Joint Watershed District is the grant awardee).
The Marmaton Watershed encompasses parts of three counties: Bourbon, Allen, and Crawford.  The total population in the watershed is approximately 21,660 people.  The number of people in each county in the watershed is shown below.

15,066 in Bourbon County

2,788 in Allen County
3,806 in Crawford County
Total Population: 21,660
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