Marmaton Watershed
Information on water rights can be found using the Water Information Management and Analysis System (WIMAS) program, which is facilitated by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources and the Kansas Geological Survey (
Municipal 14,059.317
Recreation 1,096.7
Irrigation 777.5
Industrial 1,410.296
Sedimentation 0.0
Municipal & Irrigation 41.821
Sedimentation & Recreation 0.0
There are a total of 49 active/non-dismissed water rights in the Marmaton Watershed.
Fort Scott has water rights to 5,370.793 ac-ft.
Bone Creek has water rights to 5,444 ac-ft.
Bourbon County RWD C2 has water rights to 3,066.003 ac-ft.
Crawford County RWD #3 has water rights to 43.522 ac-ft.
Arcadia has water rights to 89 ac-ft.
Mulberry has water rights to 87.821 ac-ft.
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